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Professional and Personalized Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Apply firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep layers of muscle and fascia to treat chronic tensions and stiff muscles.



Find relaxation and healing by the application of pressure on reflex points of the foot that correspond to organs and systems of the body.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Let yourself be guided through a series of yoga postures along with palming and thumbing along your body's energy lines to relieve muscular tension, improve mobility, and circulation.



Naturally restore body function by treating the source of pain and imbalance palpation and working with the position, mobility and quality of the tissues

Massage Therapy in Montreal, QC

Centre Taiyo located in Montreal, QC, offers personalized treatments by professionals in therapeutic massage therapy and osteopathy. Centre Taiyo will meet your specific needs in a relaxing and warm atmosphere by using traditional and innovative techniques merged with the power of intuition. You will leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized! Look no further when searching for the best therapists in Montreal. Our therapists are certified, prices are competitive, and of course, insurance receipts are available.



2216 Rue Beaubien E

Montreal, QC H2G 1M7


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